And the snowiest college campus is…

Here’s a bit of weather-cred to add to your resume, Bulldogs. recently listed the top 10 snowiest colleges in the United States based on annual snowfall. University of Minnesota Duluth landed at No. 5 — not as snowy as the No. 1 school, Michigan Tech in Houghton (almost 200 inches each year), but far snowier than University of Alaska Fairbanks (62 inches). UMD is listed as getting 86 inches a year. Other schools on the list, from snowiest to still snowy but not as snowy as the snowiest, include: Syracuse University, University of Rochester, University of Buffalo, University of Vermont, Southern New Hampshire University, Western Michigan University and Cornell University. BTW: According to the National Weather Service, Duluth has had 54.3 inches of snow this year through Thursday night.


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