CHUM plans Christmas Eve vigil

Warm hearths and hearts are bursting at the seams around the holidays, Eh? knows that. A person can’t drive the snow-caked streets or walk in the subzero temperatures without appreciating the indoors this time of year, especially the indoors with friends and family.

It’s easy, in our bustling to and through Duluth, to overlook the less fortunate. The people who, by choice or circumstance, have no friends to take them in.

Almost half of these people are children.

Some of these people die.

If a catastrophe happens and 30 Duluthians die, the reasons would be parsed and explained an enquired on endlessly. According to Deb Holman, CHUM’s street outreach worker, 29 homeless people and two advocates have died in the past year.

There seems to be little in the way of public outrage. Little in the way of masses taking to the streets to stop, fix or halt this problem.

But that doesn’t mean the people who died will be forgotten.

CHUM will hold a Christmas Eve Vigil, at noon Tuesday on the steps of Duluth City Hall to remember and honor the homeless who have died this year.

Homeless people, and those who advocate for them, also have collaborated on a Homeless Bill of Rights, which they plan to unveil at the vigil.