Guten Tag, Biwabik!

In case you missed it, Eh? appreciates many things in life, but few so much as traditions that mark the passing of the seasons. Add to that an affinity for the German language and culture that runs so strong in the area, and that makes for an awesome celebration, or as the Germans would say, Eine ausgezeichnete Feier!

The city of Biwabik will hold their 30th annual Weihnachtsfest from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dec. 7.

Ethnic foods, musical entertainment, craft and bake sales promise to pepper Carl Schuster Park. Activities for children also are planned.

For 30 years, give or take, the city of Biwabik has held its annual Weihnachtsfest (German for “Christmas festival”). The town adopted its heritage when, according to local legend, the city was in need of a face-lift. A group of citizens decided on a Bavarian theme and through a mixture of grants and other funding, businesses were able to upgrade their storefronts. As Pat Holmstrom put it, “Soon the new city hall — which also houses our grocery store — city garage, pavilion all were Bavarian.”

The festival will feature ethnic foods – though not strictly German – like Swedish meatballs and Minnesota wild rice soup.

Polka music will fill the pavilion and everyone is invited to gather in front of the town gazebo to sing Christmas carols. At precisely 6 p.m., fireworks will fly to fill the dark winter sky, after which the switch is flipped and the trees in the park light up — a sight Holmstrom describes as Rockwellian.

For more information, write to Weihnachtsfest Committee, P.O. Box 698, Biwabik, MN 55708.