Quilts wanted back

Every so often, Eh? learns of a case of petty theft that doesn’t warrant the front-page coverage of major larceny, but still deeply affects members of the community.

Around mid-October, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth wanted to show off the work of its members by hanging quilts around the inside of the church on West College Street. Of the many wonderful quilts being hung, there was a pair referred to as “whimsical,” featuring animals: bunnies on one, and a moose on the other.

This quilt, made by a wife for her husband, features a moose in a mosaic of patches. (Submitted photo)

The bunny-bedecked quilt was to be a gift from a grandmother to her granddaughter. The patch mosaic of a moose was to be a gift from a wife to her husband.

What ties them together, aside from shared membership in the animal kingdom, is that they both were stolen from the church.

The theft of the quilts cannot be measured in monetary terms; the love poured into each is beyond economics of money. The time spent by a grandmother working to provide her kin with a warm, tactile reminder of her love is worth absolutely nothing to a blanket thief, and almost everything to its intended recipient. The same can be said for a wife toiling to provide a piece of functional art for her husband of 14 years.

The aggrieved want nothing but the return of the quilts to the church. The grandmother

This quilt features many little bunnies and was made by a grandmother for her granddaughter. (Submitted photo)

even offered to make a quilt for whoever returns them.

Eh? has seen wrongs righted. Most recently, a plea by the Chester Bowl community for the “no-questions-asked” return of a ski lift chair was answered. The quilters of the Universalist Unitarian Congregation of Duluth are not bent on retribution, only resolution.
If you have information on the whereabouts of the quilts, please call the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth at (218) 724-0308.