St. Louis County resident donates life savings to rescue squad

Arthur Goodman is not your typical philanthropist.

The note accompanying Goodman’s donation to the St. Louis County Rescue Squad ended with the words “Someday, I hope to work with you, too.”

He’ll get his wish.

Goodman will become an honorary member of the squad after giving his life savings to help the volunteer organization buy equipment. But since Goodman’s life has lasted just five years, thus far, and his life savings only the $8.02 that he had saved in a jar, the gesture is carrying much more weight than the actual value of his gift.

The Rescue Squad has invited Arthur and his family to attend one of its regular training briefings to thank him and present him with a special gift.

The St. Louis County Rescue Squad consists of about 60 members, who volunteer 23,000 hours per year. It operates under the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office to provide wilderness search and rescue, water rescue and recovery, and safety since it formed in 1958.