Tracking golden eagles

This is your Duluth golden eagles update for the end of summer.

Mark Martell, director of bird conservation for Audubon Minnesota, gave us some information on some of the birds he has been following since GPS transmitters were put on them last fall.

No. 45, known as Jeanette, returned to her usual breeding area on the Barren Grounds in Canada. She is just south of the Arctic Circle. Last year, she remained there through October before a southward migration.

No. 53, Jack, appeared to nest this summer just north of Great Slave Lake in Canada, about 63 degrees north and 115 degrees west. That’s the farthest west Minnesota Audubon has tracked a bird.

Signals from No. 46 last came in this past spring near the western shore of Hudson Bay. Martell said he has heard recent beeps from this GPS but they weren’t strong enough to locate or determine the status of the eagle.