Searching for Bobby Aro — memories

A documentary about Aro is scheduled to air on WDSE-WRPT in December. (Photo courtesy of WDSE-WRPT)

WDSE-TV wants to know if you have any “Finn-glish” memories or mementos of musician Bobby Aro.

The famed northern Minnesota radio star, singer and entertainer put St. Louis County’s Highway 7 on the map (not literally; a cartographer probably did that). WDSE-WRPT is searching for memorabilia and memories for a new Aro documentary that is set to air in December.

If you have any souvenirs, stories, pictures, film and/or video of Aro you’d like to share, contact WDSE-WRPT at, (218) 788-2831 or (888) 563-9373.