Mail to the moon

The moon is a long way to go to deliver a letter, but three Duluth postal carriers have done it twice.

Not literally, of course. (The moon doesn’t have a ZIP code, yet.) But Lee Henderson, John Anderson and Larry Rauvola each have driven about that distance — a million miles — during the course of their careers, the U.S. Postal Service tells us. And none of them has had even a single accident.

For that feat, the Duluth trio is among eight Minnesota postal carriers to receive the National Safety Council’s Million Mile Safe Driving Award.

“Reaching this pinnacle requires 30 years of service and a safe attitude,” the Postal Service’s news release says.

Henderson, Anderson and Rauvola are part of the world’s largest civilian fleet, the Postal Service says. Nearly 300,000 letter carriers and truck drivers in almost 214,000 vehicles drive more than 1.2 billion miles annually while delivering mail to 151.5 million addresses.