Like a good neighbor

This is one of a number of images captured by Janet Vidmar of Duluth that shows a fisher in her neighborhood. (Photo by Janet Vidmar)

Linda Osborne of Duluth was grateful when her neighbor came to the rescue of her tiny, unsuspecting dog last week.

Janet Vidmar was in her backyard, talking on the phone when she saw a fisher. And the weasel-like creature seemed to be headed toward Simon, Osborne’s 15-month-old, 6½-pound Yorkshire terrier.

Vidmar hustled over the fence into Osborne’s yard, scooped up the Yorkie and brought him to safety.

“I heard Simon barking; it was a bit of a game-changer,” Vidmar said after initially admiring the sight of something unlike she’d ever seen. “I maneuvered over the fence, then I got to Simon and got him off the leash and put him in (Osborne’s) house.”

Osborne, who also was on the phone, was unaware of the commotion outside.

“After it was over, she came to the door and very excitedly announced to me what had happened,” Osborne said. “I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to Simon.”

Vidmar, who moved to Duluth from Tampa, Fla., in 2011, knew it was a fisher. She first saw it in the spring and then in June, but her husband didn’t believe what she saw was a fisher. An avid photographer, Vidmar kept a camera nearby in hopes of capturing an image of the frequent visitor to her East Hillside neighborhood.

She hit the jackpot by getting more than a dozen quality shots of the animal, which hissed at her while she snapped pictures.

“Talk about being in the right place, right time, right lighting,” she said. “It wasn’t too happy with me.”

Osborne said she’s grateful to Vidmar for saving her pup. The Osbornes are taking precautions by going with Simon each time they take him out and setting a live trap in case the fisher returns.