Get tipped to rips

The city of Duluth has installed a new electronic warning sign at the S-curve on Minnesota Avenue on Park Point, near the Tot Lot, to let beachgoers know the current danger for rip currents.

The sign will flash the current status and is adjacent to the flagpole that will fly a green, yellow or red flag. The city also maintains rip-current-warning flags at the Lafayette Community Center and the Park Point Beach House. Green flags mean it’s safe to swim, yellow signs mean increased danger and red signs mean high danger of currents that can pull swimmers out into the lake.

Rip currents occur when waves push water hard up onto the beach, and the water pours back out toward the lake. The solution if you’re caught in one is simple: Don’t try to fight the rip by heading directly back to shore. Instead, turn sideways to the beach and swim along the beach until you swim out of the rip, then head back to shore.

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