Spineless, brainy creature needs name

The Great Lakes Aquarium is seeking the public’s help in the quest to name its newest octopus.

The Caribbean reef octopus arrived at the aquarium earlier this summer. After a few weeks of acclimating to its new tank, it’s now spending time swimming and showing off its eight long arms and ever-changing colors.

Like most other octopuses, the Caribbean reef octopus is among the most intelligent of all invertebrates. With a nod to that intelligence, Great Lakes Aquarium has decided on a famous scientists theme. Fans can choose among the names of five renowned scientists: Galileo, Newton, Cousteau, Curie and Beatrix (as in Potter, the author and natural scientist). Because determining the sex of a young octopus is difficult, male and female names are being offered.

The aquarium’s first octopus was named Einstein.

People can vote for their favorite name by going to the aquarium’s www.facebook.com/greatlakesaquarium.