Mount Rushmore misplaced

Well, technically it’s still south of Canada.

Our pals at Forum News Service reported that the Myers’ Newsletter, a monthly Canadian-based investment publication, did a special report on North Dakota for its summer issue, referring to the state on its cover headline as “The Luckiest PLACE ON EARTH.” Accompanying the oil-covered headline is an oil rig fixed on top of — Mount Rushmore.

That’s not where Mount Rushmore goes.

A clever-but-inaccurate cover since Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

The newsletter, Forum says, is the creation of John Myers — not our reporter John Myers — an investment adviser living in Canada and son of C.V. Myers, founder of OilWeek Magazine, Canada’s leading publication covering the oil and gas industry, according to its website.

The copy in the report was written by Myers, but the creation was outsourced, he said, laughing when he heard about the mix-up. “I know more about geology than geography,” he said.