Edge makes NYT

Speaking of waterfront industries, the newspaper that prints “All the News That’s Fit to Print” found it fit to write about the apparently Midwestern phenomenon of indoor waterparks, and Duluth’s The Edge got prominent play in the story.

The story highlights the fact that, even though they are indoors, the waterparks offer bug-free, weather-independent water fun in a region that can be plagued by sometimes-uncomfortable summer weather like heat, humidity and storms.

The story talks about The Edge offering salads and health foods like yogurt, but also mentions the park’s run-in with a waterborne bug that caused people to get sick (and the subsequent investment in an extra level of water filtration).

The story highlighted the Duluth park’s view of Lake Superior and noted that “Edgewater feels smaller, quieter and a tad dustier than the giant park complexes. No one will get lost here, though there are a lot of slides and water and an extensive games arcade.”