Heroic duck tale

Superior firefighter Neal Dwyer brings a duckling into the grass near its mother Monday, June 10, 2013, along Hammond Avenue. Superior firefighters rescued the duckling after it fell through a storm sewer grate and became trapped. (Photo submitted to Superior Telegram)

A tiny duckling got into some big trouble Monday when it got separated from its family after falling into a storm drain while waddling across Hammond Avenue in Superior.

Tyree Johnson told the Superior Telegram that his daughters and their friend saw the ordeal unfold. After Johnson was unable to lift the grate off of the storm drain, he enlisted the help of the Superior Fire Department at its headquarters on Tower Avenue.

“I told the fireman that I have a strange request,” Johnson wrote in an e-mail to the Telegram.

Firefighter Neal Dwyer checked with Capt. Lindzi Campbell to make sure that was something the department helped with before heading out.

“He asked ‘Do we do that?’ ” Campbell said. “I said, ‘We certainly do.’ ”

Dwyer, Campbell and Andy Knutson lifted the grate and fished the duckling out with a net. After the rescue, the crew reunited the duckling with its mom and siblings.

“It was nice the girls were there and happened to see it,” Campbell said. “It was a happy ending.”

The Eh? desk says hats off to the Superior Fire Department and the Johnson family and friend for a job well done.