‘Buttcrack’ billboard concerns Duluth couple

A billboard from the Minnesota Department of Health, encouraging passersby to get a colonoscopy, is seen Thursday, June 13, 2013, on Arrowhead Road in Duluth. (Jimmy Bellamy / jbellamy@duluthnews.com)

A Duluth couple wrote an e-mail to Mayor Don Ness and the City Council on Wednesday, urging them to create an ordinance that would ban “indecent” billboards like the one along Arrowhead Road between Swan Lake Road and Arlington Avenue.

In the e-mail with the subject line “Offensive ‘buttcrack’ billboard needs to be removed,” Dennis P. and Rosemarie Mitchell — who have authored a number of letters to the editor on the News Tribune and Duluth Budgeteer News opinion pages, including the Internet-famous “Olympics showed too much flesh” in August 2012 — call for the removal of a Minnesota Department of Health billboard showing a person’s rear peeking through jeans and a T-shirt and the words “Cover your butt! Get a colonoscopy.” The Mitchells go on to write that the billboard’s message further adds to the deterioration “of our morals and modesty.”

In an e-mail reply, Mayor Ness said: “The City does not have those sort of censorship powers. I would encourage you to contact the billboard company with your concerns. Thank you.”

Drivers and passengers still can see the rear-view sign through the windshield — or rear-view mirror.