When beer fuels nostalgia

You know what happens when a bunch of old guys start talking over beers. Eventually one of them comes up with a question no one can answer. So they call on the Eh? desk for help.

And then we call on readers for their help. Here’s the situation, as presented by Raymond T. Ward of R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon:

“During a recent beer-fueled nostalgia discussion of Duluth memorabilia, this came up,” Ward wrote. “Before Superior Street and sidewalks were bricked there was a compass embedded in the sidewalk in front of what is now Wells Fargo Bank. … The compass was bronze (we think) and 3-4 feet in diameter perhaps.”

So you can guess their question: “Where did the compass go? Trashed? Bricked over? Sold? Private collector? Any clues?”

Do you think you know what became of the compass? Drop a line to news@duluthnews.com or Eh? Desk, Duluth News Tribune, 424 W. First St., Duluth, MN, 55802 or call (218) 723-5300 and see if anyone admits to being associated with the Eh? desk.