Checking in on Lily, her cubs and the rest of the Ely bears

Lily the black bear — wearing a GPS tracking collar — eyes a photographer near Ely earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of the North American Bear Center)

It’s been awhile since we checked on the Web-famous bears of Ely. Lynn Rogers of the North American Bear Center reported over the weekend that Lily, her new cubs Eli and Ellie, and the rest of the ursine gang are doing well this spring.

They’re out foraging on large-leafed aster, peavine, clover and other plants rapidly sprouting up in the north woods after being delayed by late-season snow.

Researchers with the Bear Center and the Wildlife Research Institute are keeping tabs on the movements of a number of radio-collared bears, and they post daily updates of their observations. The same site also has information on the continuing progress of the Bear Center’s $1.25 million expansion.