Sean Penn spotted in Duluth, 83 years ago

The Kansas City Bridge Co. crewman (left) looks an awful lot like Sean Penn (right), who was born in 1960. (Left photo courtesy of Duluth Public Library)

Did you know that Sean Penn was photographed in Duluth sometime between August 1929 and March 1930? Well, it was someone who looked like Sean Penn, not that anybody in Duluth knew who Sean Penn was in 1930.

That’s when a crew from the Kansas City Bridge Co. came to town to convert the transfer bridge over the Duluth ship canal to the Aerial Lift Bridge we still use today. And one of the guys on the crew really did look a lot like Sean Penn. He’s front and center in a photo of the crew posing on the bridge.

The history lovers at Zenith City Online found the photo at the Duluth Public Library and posted it. Check it out there and join the conversation about when and where you would go if you were as good at time-traveling as Sean Penn.