Brief stay with Jay

Bill and Kate Isles talk with Jay Leno on stage in Burbank, Calif., on April 23, 2013. (Photo courtesy of Bill Isles)

Duluth musicians Bill and Kate Isles shared “The Tonight Show” stage with host Jay Leno on April 23 in Burbank while in California for an unrelated performance.

The Isleses got tickets to the show’s taping from a friend of a friend and were picked out of the audience by Leno to visit with him where he does his monologues. Bill Isles said Leno, who has performed stand-up comedy in Duluth, spoke highly of the city, which got a nice pop from the crowd.

After the interview, Leno said: “Hey, sit in the guest spots, and we’ll pose (for a photo) there. You can put it on Facebook,” Bill Isles wrote on his Facebook page.

So they did.