Scoop the poop

Got plans for celebrating Scoop the Poop Week? Better move quickly — but watch where you step — because it’s coming soon.

The third week in April officially is national Scoop the Poop Week, and city of Superior officials are joining in to remind Northlanders to pick up after their pets.

Leaving pet waste out anywhere can lead to other people or animals stepping in it. And that stuff can wash down into local storm sewers and streams and — eventually — Lake Superior. You’ll be doing us all a giant favor by picking it up immediately.

Several parks in Superior are equipped with a Mutt Mitt dispenser. City Environmental Services Division staff will be out at several locations that week handing out complimentary plastic bag caddies that contain biodegradable bags that clip to your key chain to make it easy to bring bags along on your walks. You could even get a chance to meet Rex, the mascot for the Regional Stormwater Protection Team.

A Superior ordinance requires people to pick up their dogs’ pet waste when on public property or private property not exclusively owned or occupied by the owners of the animal. Call (715) 394-0392.