Duluth Heights history

Eh? told you the other day about planning for the Duluth Heights neighborhood reunion.

Jim Anderson, who is spearheading the September reunion, told us about some of the things he’s looking for in advance of the event. He’s looking for any materials — newspaper clippings, photos, etc. — from the founding of Duluth Heights in 1893 through the 1960s; he has ample material from the 1970s to the present.

He’s interested in learning more about the Duluth Heights Snoop, a quarterly publication that came out during the latter part of the 1920s. He has issues from April 1927, January 1928 and April 1928. He’d like to see any other issues and find out what happened to records from the Snoop.

He’s also interested in learning more about the Fourth of July celebration that used to be held in the Heights.

If you can help, call Anderson at (218) 428-2591.