Inspirational ‘tail’ of paying it forward

Mackenzie Seidelmann adopted a dog, Minnow, from White Bear Lake, Minn., on Sunday, March 17, 2013. (Facebook photo)

From the Eh? “pay it forward” desk comes an entry from Mackenzie Seidelmann of Duluth.

She was returning home from White Bear Lake, Minn., on Sunday with a dog she claimed from an animal rescue organization. She took “Minnow” to Petco for some supplies in his new home. A woman approached her and commented on how cute the dog was and asked questions about him.

Mackenzie said she didn’t know much since he was an adopted dog from the rescue center.

“She was very moved by this. She thanked me and blessed me for adopting him,” Mackenzie said. “We parted ways. A few minutes later she approached me again and said that she wanted to thank me for my good deed by paying it forward with a random act of kindness.”

The woman pressed $50 into her hand and was quite insistent that she keep it and use it to help keep Minnow well.

“I never got her name, and I know she didn’t want any recognition,” Mackenzie said, “but I was so touched by it and want to thank her.”

“Everyone I tell the story to is inspired,” she said. “I really hope sharing this story with the community will inspire more people to pay it forward.”