Make the mustache go: De-hair Blair

Mentor Duluth says about 400 people will celebrate 75 years of mentoring in Duluth by attempting to make Blair Gagne shave off his mustache Friday.

Gagne, community services director for Mentor Duluth, has had his mustache almost half as long as formal mentoring programs have existed in Duluth. He says he’ll shave his mustache if participants in the 75th anniversary event raise $7,500.

Mentoring began in Duluth with the formation of the Fatherless Boys Association in 1938. The name was changed to the Friendship and Brotherhood Association in the 1980s when girls were allowed into the program. Mentor Duluth was formed in 1997.

If you’re not signed up for Friday’s event, you still can support Mentor Duluth by donating or signing up.