Keep those feet off ski trails

We’re begging for some courtesy. Help keep the city’s cross-country ski trails in good condition by taking hikes and walks elsewhere. Footprints and other impressions (even angels) ruin the trails, so the Duluth Parks and Recreation staff would like to remind you that it’s prohibited to use them for non-skiing activities.

It’s one thing to walk on them when there’s no snow and conditions are dry, but now the trails are packed and tracked for skiers, not for walking with Fido (and who names their dog Fido these days, anyway?)

Here’s how to keep ski trails in tiptop shape:

  • Ski in the direction indicated
  • Try to fill any holes and smooth the track if you should fall
  • Don’t let pets anywhere near trails
  • Don’t hike on groomed trails

For ambulatory excursions, use the Lakewalk and other clear-of-snow paths. Skiers will thank you.