Clothing drop box in downtown Duluth

The crew at Swim Creative lived up to the second part of their name when coming up with the ingenious and selfless idea of placing a cold-weather clothing drop-off box outside the downtown Duluth office in January.

The office, located at 415 E. Superior St., sees a daily dose of heavy foot traffic, and its employees noticed many of those feet came with gloveless hands and jacketless torsos.

Initially, boxes with clothing donations stocked by employees were placed outside with a message to not leaving anything behind. If something in the box is useful, take it. Eventually, members of the community began to drop off handmade scarves and mittens as well as clothing items that meet Duluth residents’ winter needs.

“We want people to be able to stop by,” Swim Creative’s Mike Malone said. “We hoped people wouldn’t be ashamed, and they haven’t been.”

The office has gone through six or seven boxloads and welcomes any donations that will help in freezing temperatures. Anything that’s not used will be donated to Goodwill, Malone said.