Snow more breaking the law

Aside from the terrible play on words above, we’re serious when it comes to smart and responsible snow removal. And the Duluth Police Department is, too.

That’s why they’re reminding residents that it’s illegal to move snow from private property onto any city streets, sidewalks, alleys or other public grounds.

“A lot of people have forgotten that,” Kelly Fleissner, city manager of maintenance operations, said. “We have had lots of calls about people moving snow from their property to somebody else’s, or people moving snow from private property onto public streets or right-of-ways.”

Plus, it’s just plain rude to your neighbors and those using roads, walkways and driveways.

“It seems that with the mild winter last year everyone forgot what it’s like to have snow and how to deal with it and be patient and good neighbors,” he said.

People illegally disposing of snow in Duluth can face a fine of up to $200, police spokesman Jim Hansen said.