North Country RIDE benefit at Buffalo Wild Wings

The land of a thousand TVs and chicken wings is hosting a benefit for a Northland program that helps adults and kids with developmental and behavioral challenges.

The benefit at Buffalo Wild Wings in Duluth is 5-8 p.m. Monday and goes to help North County RIDE, which uses horses for therapy.

Ticket vouchers are available at Just present the ticket the server.

Why BW-3?

Here’s an Eh? item within an Eh? item:

The above leads us to ask why some people refer to Buffalo Wild Wings as BW-3. We only count two W’s in their name.

Here’s the answer, according to the restaurant’s corporate website:

“When we opened our first location in 1982, our original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck — thus the BW-3.

“We’re sure this poses another question: What the Heck is a Weck?? Weck is short for kimmelweck, a Kaiser roll seasoned with special toppings. These tasty rolls are popular on the East Coast and were served at our restaurants when we first opened. In 1998, we officially changed our name to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar to better describe our restaurants.”