Does the DTA travel to San Diego?

The DTA won’t travel round-trip to San Diego. (2011 file / News Tribune)

Currently staying in San Diego, Duluthians Rick and Sheila Olson plan to head back north this month for the birth of their grandson.

Rick likes to keep up with what’s going on in Duluth by visiting (Thanks, Rick!) One day while getting his news fix, Rick saw an ad for the Duluth Transit Authority that suggested her type in his address and desired destination. This is what he got after typing his San Diego address as the pickup spot, a Duluth address as his destination and the desired date and time:

“Sorry, we don’t have transit schedule data for a trip from San Diego to Duluth at the time and date you specified,” the automated response from the DTA said.

So, Rick wanted Eh? to find out when the next DTA bus will be on its way to his place in San Diego so he and the missus are ready. (Plus he expects that senior-citizen discount.)

“The DTA didn’t say they didn’t have a bus going to San Diego,” Rick said. “They just said they didn’t have one on the date and time I requested.”

Sorry, Rick. Something tells us you’ll be waiting a while.