Caution: Debt collectors

Beware of debt collectors, according to the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. While they do have the right to collect on behalf of creditors, businesses and individuals, you have rights, too.

The Better Business Bureau recommends that those contacted by debt collectors do the following:

  • Know your rights. Debt collectors can’t threaten you with arrest, use abusive language or discuss accounts with unauthorized third parties.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the debt. Get the name of the collection company and do some Googling. Get the name of the debt collector and make sure it’s authorized.
  • Request written proof of the debt.
  • Don’t ignore the collector.
  • Don’t pay debt that isn’t yours just to get the collector off your back.
  • Challenge errors.
  • Check for identity theft.
  • Report scams.

If that isn’t enough to cram into your noggin, go to for more information.