Have you seen Chewy the Chihuahua?

Dogs and cats go missing every day in Duluth, but this tale (tail?) caught our attention, if only because it’s an awfully cold time of year for very little dog to be lost in the big city.

Chewy, a 3-month-old Chihuahua puppy, went missing Jan. 4 from the vicinity of Third Street and Second Avenue East. Owner Laura Clark of Littlefork said her daughter, who was dogsitting Chewy, came home to find a door wide open and the 2-pound puppy — who didn’t have a collar — missing.

Clark said they’ve checked with police, local animal shelters, vets — all to no avail. Several people have reported seeing Chewy in the Hillside neighborhood, but he’s eluded would-be rescuers. Chewy has a brindled-to-tan coat, with white toes on his hind right leg.

Clark said her 3-year-old granddaughter was particularly attached to the puppy, and they’re hoping someone out there knows where he is. If you do, give Clark a call at (218) 240-4513.

And as always, if you lose or find a pet, please contact your local animal shelter — it’s the best step you can take to ensure a happy reunion.