He got the job

Eric Miller of Appleton, Wis., takes in the full moonrise Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, from the lighthouse at the end of the ship canal in Canal Park.

We’re not saying we had anything to do with this guy getting hired, but it’s still pretty cool.

Eric Miller was in Duluth on Oct. 29 for a job interview. While he was in town from Appleton, Wis., Miller took in some of the Zenith City’s breathtaking scenes after the interview at the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council. That’s when the DNT’s Bob King took this photo of Miller in Canal Park.

King’s caption read: “Eric Miller of Appleton, Wis., takes in the full moonrise Monday night from the lighthouse in the ship canal in Canal Park. ‘It’s beautiful,’ Miller said. He said he was in Duluth for a job interview and hopes to be able to see more scenes like it if he’s fortunate enough to get the job.”

Miller and the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council were thrilled to tell us he got the job as a GIS specialist.

Congratulations, Eric. And welcome to Duluth.

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