Seeking one-gloved woman with dog

“Seeking one-gloved woman with dog.”

It sounds like a personal ad, but this actually is a thank you and an attempt to return some lost property.

Pat Emberg of Midway Township tells us she was trying to get to a potluck Thursday night on Observation Road and she was just not finding the place. She happened on a woman walking a “beautiful white dog” and she asked for directions. The woman wasn’t familiar with the address but she said she’d help Pat find it.

“She just grabbed her dog and they jumped in my car,” said Emberg, who is 79 and trustworthy-looking. “We must have driven around for 40 minutes. I finally said let’s give it up.”

The helpful woman wanted to continue her doggy walk, so they said farewell at the side of the road and Pat drove back home.

Back in Midway she realized she had a strange glove in her car. The helpful woman’s glove.

Naturally she wants to give it back. Is it yours?

Contact us at (218) 723-5300 or and we’ll put you in touch with Pat and your glove.