Happy anniversary, east enders

Well, guess who got married 120 years ago yesterday?

Yes, it was our own city of Duluth and its darling young sweetheart, “beautiful Lakeside, loveliest village on Superior’s shores.”

Uff. Sure, Lakeside is nice, but we thought the description of the annexation was a little syrupy in this clip discovered by the News Tribune Attic elves:

“After about four years existence as a village under the general laws of Minnesota and with special powers since the legislative session of 1891, beautiful Lakeside, loveliest village on Superior’s shores, became at midnight, with the ringing of the new year’s bells, a part of Duluth, the solid and superb. As a bride to the altar, she came with good wishes and in rich attire. There was no formal marriage ceremony at this time, it having been performed by the legislature two years ago, to take effect on this New Year’s day, and by the mere striking of the clock she passed from an independent suburb to an inseparable part of the twinless city.”

The article went on to report that West Duluth would be joining the marriage the next year, but did not attempt to explain how the two wives were going to get along in the same house.

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