Black bears not so bad

Around here we’re used to protecting our camping provisions from raccoons and black bears.

In Florida they have to protect their cars from vultures.

Staff members at Everglades National Park are handing out tarps and bungee cords to help people vulture-proof their cars. Apparently migrating vultures have developed a habit of ripping off windshield wipers, sunroof seals and other rubber and vinyl vehicle parts. Visitors are loaned “anti-vulture kits” to protect their vehicles.

Park wildlife biologist Skip Snow tells the Miami Herald that the vultures are migrating as normal. It’s just not clear why the birds are picking at parked cars and trucks. Park employees have tried to scare away the vultures, but nothing has worked.

Park Superintendent Dan Kimball said complaints about the vultures have declined since employees began distributing the tarps and bungee cords last year.

Still, we prefer the bears.