Some resolution tips for the new year

Well, this is your last Eh? column for 2012, so we thought we’d better leave you with a few New Year’s resolution tips.

  • Quitting smoking? Consider signing up for the free “Together We Quit” program from Quitplan. They’ll send you daily motivational text messages to get you through the rough patches. You’ll also get weekly e-mail tips during that all-important first month of quitting.
  • Losing weight? Dr. James Donovan at St. Luke’s says you can lose 10 percent of your body weight in three months, but you need to avoid common errors. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat your proteins, but go ahead and back off the carbohydrates. Don’t be too gung-ho. Donovan recommends trying to lose just a pound or so a week and then exercising more as the weight comes off.
  • Getting out of debt? You’re going to need to make more than the minimum payment, according to the LSS Financial Counseling. First, make sure your basics are covered: You’re paying the rent and utilities, there’s food in the fridge and a bit of cushion in your checking account. Then look for a regular expense you can cut, and apply that amount to the balance you’re trying to pay off.