Cold, dingy white Christmas

Be sure to warm your hands on that fire when roasting chestnuts today.

The Northland is in for a dingy white and cold Christmas, with the National Weather Service in Duluth issuing a wind-chill advisory from midnight to noon today for most of northern Minnesota.

Temperatures this morning are expected to dip to 10 degrees below zero in Duluth and 20 below north of the Iron Range, while north winds of up to 15 mph will send wind-chill values to near 35 below. The Weather Service said frostbite and hypothermia can occur quickly at those wind-chill values.

Christmas Day should dawn clear but very cold, with highs in the single digits above zero across the region. Temperatures are expected to slowly warm to near normal by Saturday, with a chance of snow on Friday.

Duluth, which has among the highest chances of a white Christmas of anywhere in the U.S., will have an officially white Christmas, which requires one inch snow on the ground.

Duluth currently reports about 3 inches on the ground, but that snow is getting dirty and iced-over after a meltdown earlier in the month. The Twin Ports hasn’t seen any significant snow since Dec. 9, and there is little in the forecast.

Duluth is 3 inches short of normal snowfall for December and about 8 inches short for the season.