Almost a good deed

All would have been well if it weren’t for those clever crooks.

Yes, Luke Meints’ daughter walked away from her purse after setting it down for a family photo Saturday at Bentleyville. But she realized her mistake almost right away and went back to retrieve it. And a nice young couple had found it!

Unfortunately, someone else must have spotted the forgotten purse, too, because an imposter claimed it before Meints’ daughter could even get there.

“It turns out this couple gave the purse to a younger couple, after the younger couple approached them and said how grateful they were,” Meints tells us.

The Bentleyville crew, including Nathan Bentley himself, helped scour the park for the pretenders to the purse, but they were nowhere to be found. Meints said his daughter lost some cash and credit cards and her husband lost his cell phone.

“My purpose in writing this letter is to remind people when they are in a crowded or distracting situation to make sure they watch their belongings because others are watching them as well,” Meints wrote. “Incidentally, the Bentleyville light show is awesome this year. And being 56 years old and not 15, using this word can only mean the show really is awesome!”