Old-school radio in Superior

The 14th season of “Radio Superior” opens with a German carpenter who was convicted of kidnapping the infant son of Charles Lindberg and will die in the electric chair.

The program, which airs at 5:30 p.m. Friday on KUWS-FM (91.3), recreates old news broadcasts. This one is from March 1932. “Radio Superior” airs two to four episodes every Friday on Wisconsin Public Radio.

This season will include a rock ‘n’ roll episode from 1957 on Nov. 16 and Tim Michaels will be the DJ and former WDIO-TV anchorman Dennis Anderson is the newsman. The 1950s episodes will also include school integration, the Little Rock 9 and the launch of Sputnik.

Lew Martin returns as news anchor, and original host Jack McKenna will do occasional guest spots. Former KDAL broadcaster Carl Casperson will take McKenna’s place in episodes from the rest of the 1930s.