Nerd-O-Ween tonight in downtown Duluth

If you prefer a Halloween with fewer half-dressed kittens and witches and more taped glasses and spaceman costumes, you’ll want to check out Nerd-O-Ween. Today’s edition of Nerd Nite will include the in-depth, spooky topics: “Scooby Doo: Where the (Heck) Have You Been?” “It’s Fun to be Scared: A History of Horror” and the not-so-scary topic: “Eastern Exports: Why Japan is No. 1 at No. 2,” plus the usual assortment of games and snort-laughs.

Nerd Nite is at 7:30 p.m. today at Teatro Zuccone, 222 E. Superior St. Tickets are $5. Wear a costume, nerds.