Zombies 101

Want to learn more about the walking dead? Then drag your carcass out to UMD today as part of Zombie Fest. Professors will discuss such zombie-related topics as health, government, brain function and defensive reflexes.

The public event begins at 7 p.m. in Bohannon Hall 90. To create the proper mood, Department of Music Assistant Professor Tracy Lipke-Perry will perform parts of the score from the very first zombie movie filmed, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.”

Medical School Department of Biomedical Sciences Associate Professor Janet Fitzakerley will share her expertise of the human brain to shed light on zombie brain function.

Department of Political Science Associate Professor Jeremy Youde will discuss the global threat of a zombie pandemic and the role that international governance would play in response to an outbreak.

Department of Philosophy Assistant Professor Shane Courtland will explore the connection between self-interest and moral obligation in survival-based decision-making in a zombie-infested world.

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Associate Professor Morris Levy will dissect the physical conditions of both the slow, undead zombies, and the fast, living zombies and how these physical conditions affect attack strategies of a zombie horde.

And Jason Davis, who teaches martial arts through the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department, will demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of jiu-jitsu in a zombie encounter.