Hawaii motorists safest from deer

Motorists in West Virginia have the highest likelihood of slamming into a deer of drivers in any of the 50 states, according to State Farm Insurance Co.

State Farm reported Tuesday that, according to an analysis of its claims, West Virginia drivers have a 1-in-40 chance of hitting a deer within the next year. It’s the sixth straight year West Virginia has topped the list.

Pick your poison, Hawaii. Residents there are the least likely to hit a deer, about 1 in 6,801, or about the same as being hit by lightning.

Minnesota drivers have the eighth-highest likelihood of striking a deer on the road, about 1 in 79.7 (down from sixth place last year). Wisconsin is just ahead, in seventh place, at 1 in 78.7.

South Dakota moved from third to second on the list at 1 in 68; Iowa (1 in 71.9) drops from second to third; and Michigan (1 in 72.4) is a close fourth, jumping one position from fifth. Pennsylvania (1 in 76) drops one spot to fifth.

And in a poll released by deer, deer on roads still are more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle than deer that are not on roads.