Leaves leave soon

Our buddy Mike Simonson of Wisconsin Public Radio recently marveled at the beauty of the fall colors in northern Wisconsin. But he came back from his trek to Ashland and Sawyer counties with a warning: The vibrant reds and oranges won’t last much longer.

Take advantage now because droughts in some areas gave way to a less-exciting brown.

“They’re in full bloom and they’re falling; all different colors, from green to blood red, oranges,” Greg Haberman, owner of the Wannigan Resort in Winter, Wis., told Simonson.

Colors are peaking in Hayward, too.

“I thought it would be not as good because of the dry, but I think they’re probably just as pretty as they were,” Marietta Higgins, who owns Nelson Lake Lodge, told Simonson. “We’ve got the real brilliant reds and the pinky reds; it’s beautiful.”

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