Daring Duluth bird rescue caught on tape

A firefighter assisted Charlie Rounds up a ladder to retrieve his pet cockatiel Twerpie. (Screenshot of video shot by Bruce Ojard)

Thankfully there was no cat stuck in this tree. Duluth resident Charlie Rounds is grateful to the fire crew stationed at the University of Minnesota Duluth for its help in rescuing his cockatiel Twerpie last week.

Apparently Twerpie got out of Rounds’ home and flew 50 feet off the ground before setting up shop in a tree. The only problem was the 3¾-ounce bird couldn’t fly down.

The fire department used its ladder-equipped truck, and a firefighter escorted Rounds up and down the ladder so Rounds could nab the bird, which has since had its wings clipped.

The rescue was recorded by Bruce Ojard of Duluth.