Duluth favors food

It’s official. The City of Duluth supports a “vibrant, dynamic and sustainable local food system.”

Those were the words used in the official resolution passed by the City Council on Monday night.

The act follows the work of the Lake Superior Good Food Charter and network that supports locally grown and healthful foods.

According to Jamie Harvey, the executive director of the Institute for a Sustainable Future, the City Council’s approval has “set the stage for the transformation of our regional food economy so that it is a leader in the Midwest.”

Supporters of the growing trend have made many inroads in the past few years, including a food hub that began this year to match local food producers with institutions in Duluth, its hospitals and universities.

Other efforts include creating healthful food menus at local schools, community gardens, farmers market, making more food accessible in “food deserts” like Lincoln Park and encouraging new local food businesses and teaming them up with local markets.

Go to goodfoodnetwork.org for more information and to see the official charter.