Grandma’s flood relief

The updated interior of the Grandma’s Restaurant Miller Hill location is shown. (Clint Austin /

It’s not too late to get your 10 percent in.

After week one, the newly reopened Grandma’s Miller Hill restaurant is off to a great start, raising money to help other flood victims.

“The first week was a splash,” Brian Daugherty, president of Grandma’s Restaurants, said. “It was one of the top five weeks ever up there.”

The restaurant sustained heavy damage during the June 20 floods when water levels rose to nearly three feet inside the building at 2202 Maple Grove Rd. After gutting and remodeling, the restaurant reopened Aug. 6. Like many flood victims, the company didn’t have flood insurance or get federal or state assistance. So the restaurant by Miller Hill Mall is donating 10 percent of its food sales for two weeks to the Twin Ports Region Long-Term Relief Fund.

The goal is to raise $10,000 for the fund managed by the Greater United Way of Duluth. The first week ended Sunday with $5,100 raised. The second week ends this Sunday.

“Customers are anxious and happy to be involved,” Daugherty said. “If we can have another week like that we will meet and exceed the goal.”