Pups meet wolf pack

This week the International Wolf Center’s new wolf pups got to meet for the first time the rest of the wolf pack at the Ely facility. Boltz and Luna gradually will be united with the pack under close monitoring to make sure the existing adult wolves, Aidan and Denali, accept them.

More than 100 volunteers have spent 2,500 hours observing, socializing, feeding, measuring and weighing the pups. One volunteer crossed the Atlantic to help with the introduction of the pups. Carla Mounsey, of Helensburgh, Scotland, said it was the experience of her lifetime.

According to the Center’s Wolf Curator Lori Schmidt, the transition went as well as it possibly could. “One of the biggest concerns had to do with Luna, our female pup. She is still recovering from her May surgery to repair a broken femur,” Schmidt said.“So far, so good.”

The introduction plan calls for a team of behavioral observers to watch the interactions between the pups and the adults around the clock for several days after the transition. For more information, go to wolf.org.