New furnace giveaway

The Eh? crew loves a good cause, and this one leaves us feeling all warm.

Lennox International and its dealers and employees are donating 100 new, high-efficiency furnaces for people in Minnesota as part of “Heat UP Minnesota.”

Now, this is where you come in.

Do you have a family member, friend or neighbor in need of heat? Share your story at under “submission entry.” Lennox says every nomination will be reviewed and the most-deserving recipients will be chosen.

Tons of entries are expected, so get yours in soon and before Sept. 15. The furnaces will be installed Oct. 6.

One thought on “New furnace giveaway

  1. A few years ago we bought a furnace. My husband was to hook it up, but died suddenly. I did not have the finances or the knowledge about furnaces. At present time I have an outdoor wood boiler. With the flood in June, my basement received over 2 feet of water. I lost my hot water heater and furnace. I am now saving to get a new one, but it has to be one thing at a time. Thank you for this wonderful chance. I will hope for the best,

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