Pay it ‘fore!’-ward

Some golf balls say “Callaway,” “Titleist” or “Top Flite,” but this one had Emily Johnson’s name — or her vehicle’s name — on it.

Johnson, the director of institutional diversity at the College of St. Scholastica, left her air condition-less workplace Monday afternoon after President Larry Goodwin told staff to leave because of dangerous heat.

A golf ball hit the windshield of Emily Johnson’s car on Monday, July 16, 2012. (Emily Johnson / for the News Tribune)

Before heading home, though, Johnson took a detour down Howard Gnesen Road for a quick trip to the Woodland Market. That’s when her vehicle’s windshield was struck by an errant ball from Ridgeview Country Club, which was hosting the annual Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce golf outing.

“They had tents set up really close to the road and there were people milling around, so I slowed down a little bit as I went past the golf course,” Johnson said Tuesday. “And my windshield exploded.”

Insurance covered the broken windshield, which Johnson said will be replaced today, but she had to rent a car in the interim. She wouldn’t turn down an offer of reimbursement for that expense, she said.

Coincidentally, Goodwin participated in the golf event, Johnson said.

“It would be kind of cool if President Goodwin were the culprit,” she said. “That would be fun leverage to have over him!”