Speaking of pets

Duluth resident Elizabeth Preston shares the following story, which happened on June 27:

“Our family was distraught last week when our 10-year-old Chihuahua, Jake, got spooked and bolted — something he has never done before. Our son took chase, but after running down 23rd Street, turning right onto London Road, and then right again and up 21st Avenue East — yes in the middle of the road — he had to give up chase when he lost sight of our speedy little dog.”

After walking the street for hours, Preston said the family put out fliers, an ad in the paper and Craigslist, and made a Facebook page for Jake. Then on Monday, Duluth police responded to alarms at East High School.

“They cleared the building and were about to leave, when Jake was spotted hiding out in a utility room,” Preston wrote. “Not only did he find a safe place to hang out away from foxes and raptors and bears (oh my), but he figured out a way to call the cops for help!”

Preston said now they’re getting Jake microchipped and “considering putting him on the family cell phone plan.”

“During this time of sadness and worry, the community of Duluth amazed us with their empathy and willingness to help in the search for Jake,” she added. “Thank you, thank you, a million times. Thank you!”