Duluth flood papers from 1972 flooded in 2012

This Aug. 21, 1972, copy of the Duluth Herald that contains photos and stories about flooding in Duluth was soaked during the flood on June 20, 2012, in Duluth. (Jane MacDougall / for the News Tribune)

Jane MacDougall, of Duluth, shared this tidbit with the Eh? desk Friday afternoon from her home in Piedmont Heights.

“While cleaning out the flooded ‘stuff’ in our storage closet, I found an old cardboard box with a newspaper in it. It was the Duluth Herald from Monday, Aug. 21, 1972, with pictures of that flood’s damage,” MacDougall said. “It was a little bittersweet to see the pages of pictures, much of it re-destroyed this week.

“But the newspaper made us smile as we tossed out the wet belongings, including my Duluth Denfeld diploma from 1970.”